"something" 40k - theme
production year: 2009

A to bardzo ciekawe zlecenie było – tabliczki powstały jako pół-sponsoring na potrzeby konwentu. Stanowiły swego rodzaju „flo” ozdobnik dla uczestników turnieju figurkowego w klimacie Warhammera 40 000. Tabliczki są utwardzane i naprawdę dobrze trzymają kształt.

year of consumption: 2009

Właściwie to nie jest żadna oferta, ale te pierożki wyglądają tak wspaniale i smakowicie, że ślinka mi cieknie ilekroć na nie patrzę i muszę się tym z wami podzielić. Jak wielką masz ochotę na kluseczki z pysznymi skwareczkami? :D

Tiny spoons (perfect for your pet mouse or hamster!)
production year: 2008 (July)

Once upon a time, two gnomes [a male and a female, I hope – translator’s note] wanted to get married. It is the common habit of earthbound human beings to seal the marriage ceremony with a pair of golden manacles worn by the couple; gnomes, however, differ from humans in this respect. They seal the ceremony by placing a brass spoon around the partner’s neck [on a leather strap, I presume, and not by bending it around the partner’s neck ;) – translator’s note].

The spoons are somewhat halflingish, but then – why do Polish people produce Russian pierogi? They are gnomish, and let’s leave the matter.

Wallet madnes
production year: 2007 (december)

I once met with an ambition, and she insisted that I make an awfully snobbish and outdone wallet. The receiver, or the victim, was to be my woman. Poor creature, she now has to carry the thing around with her. ;P The precise way in which the thing is outdone can be seen in the pictures.

Not everything went as planned, I have to admit. And not everything was planned, actually. Did you know that creating a prototype of a wallet is an unbelievably demanding task? Well, now you do. There are many traps, hidden details and ‘holes’ to fall into. These could be defeated only with significant intellectual effort.

The style of the wallet is western/modern – I just had this in mind then. The stamped patterns on the surface were created ad hoc and stamped by hand. The whole thing was sewn by hand, you know, needle, thread and the stuff. Cotton thread was used on the inner side and super-durable nylon thread on the outside. Pig and cattle leather, bee wax and the stuff.

The images do not give you the full image [;)] of the complexity of the whole thing, the number of nooks, crannies and hidden pockets. One of the flaps has 4 pockets for cards and notes, pencils. Underneath it is a big pocket for bills and invoices. Further on, there is some space for the registration number (which gives you some idea of the size of the thing), two big places for ID cards, reader’s cards and other ‘scarcely used’ cards.

The other side contains some space for change. A rectangle with a hidden scalpel, for ferocious attacks on innocent sheets of paper, and a small paper clip also have their place in the wallet. The wallet also sports a major container for visit cards, a pocket for ID pictures.

Creating this thing hurt me a lot, but it paid of, I’m proud of it.
Nimbus 2000 mini
production year: 2007 (august)
  • - Quick, quick, we’re gonna miss the birthday!
  • - But what to bring as a present? What does she like?
  • - Eeerm… Harry Potter?.
  • - That’s an idea! I’ll make a tiny flying broomstick for her!
After this the Mini Nimbus 2000, model for fairies, ‘created itself’ in about two hours. It’s only 20 cm long. And why would a fairy need a broomstick to fly? Nimbus for fairies with flying impediment? Whatever.

The important thing is that I had a lot of fun while I worked on the thing. Collecting the ‘stuff (there’s no better word for it, believe me)’ in the yard in front of the house, some metal scraps and a piece of sprout wood was all I needed to do. Electric tools helped me a little bit, true, in giving the thing the nimble shape of a racing broomstick. The work was pleasant enough to make me willing to take orders from fans of J.K. Rowling on similar objects.
production year: 2005

This little thing is nothing else than a soft case, a framework for a little book. I’ve commited this thing, because I had an amazing urge to do something precise and neat...maybe I’m not fully satisfied, a few things have bent in the wrong way... the seaming is not as straight as it should be. Of course, hand-made. I don’t use a sewing machine – ever. The flaw is that, the book inside it is empty... its card are blank. Therefore we have a perfect example of the form outstanding the fact :P
production year: 2000/2001 (?)

Here it is. I don’t remember why I’ve made this. Right now I keep small presents there : a mini Buddha, a brass pistol (from Gabi), a porcelain, dutch clog (I think it’s from Marysia), a beaded mouse (from Kamyk), a breaded bracelet (from my sister), a 2gr. coin that has been squashed by the train (from Grzesiek H.), a green screwer (because I liked it). And 3 grosze(coins) for luck (from Lileczka)
Grim Nokia Suit
production year: 2005

A dark-whorehouse looking Nokia 3510 costume. I did it ... so what :P I don’t really use it. But if I absolutely don’t know how to turn my compainers’ attention to me, I just pull Grim Nokia Suit and instantly have something to talk about (shallow...am I? :)
A small Katana :D
production year: 2002

...me knows, what this is....it’s these swords....that chinese-folk swing around....

:P Ok, ok... all the children know what this is. I have this weird feeling sometimes, that I just have to make something small. Because I love, everything that is small :D And my eyes fell on a katana... so I’ve made it.

A sheet of metal...3mm.... I’ve applied some knive edge on it. I smothered it with a hammer, so it would get croocked properly. I’ve made a tsuba out of a 2mm sheet of metal... I’ve nearly sawn my brains off... The sheath is from a hanger :P I splashed it with some paint (I don’t even remember what paint it was) and there it is.

I’ll probably make one someday... but a nicer one... Someday.
Medieval shoe charm
production year: 2001

Have I explained myself...that I love small things? I’ve never in my life used this shoe as a charm in reality. I didn’t want it to get dirty, because it’s from velour.

It has a stupid, unpleasant history connected with it.

Well, in all my stupidity, I happened to carry some small thing (can’t remember what it was) to a certain woman. And this thing was in this shoe. Silly me, used this shoe as a bag/wrap ... and after delivering the object, I wanted my shoe back... but of course, because of the lack of manners and logic, I didn’t think of the fact that the woman might see it as her present being taken away.

I’ve mixed it up a bit, didn’t I? Nevermind... I was stupid. That’s the bottom line. :(
Canon Powershot G3 soft case
production year: 2005

There’s not point in writing long things about this... There, just a camera soft case. Just a regular one... cut out the wrong way. The next one is sure to be better.

Oh, I will answer the most popular question – it’s hand made. As I said, I don’t use a machine.

A propos...while making it, I’ve learned one cool trick...sewing leather in 90’ angle. From a technical point of view, I can also say that all the leather buttons are portable and enable you to use the camera. The back cover for the LCD monitor, can be removed.

The case also has a top cover for all the camera buttons, and a movable strap to wear on your neck. I really wanted to take a picture of this camera in this case... but i’m afraid that both the camer and the case might not last through the pressure, while trying to outrace the light reflecting from the camera and than getting to the lens of the same camera. (that means I have one camera... and I can’t photograph it with itself :)
This work was granted a
DeviantArt Daily Deviation

An itsy-bitsy cup made of wood
production year: 2003

Let me explain... because some of you might’ve overlooked it. I really like small things. :D I’ve actually made a few cups, and even one glass of the same size. Unfortunately, I don’t have them in the picture.

Back to the cup though... it’s sculptured of one piece of wood, excluding the holder though. The material used, is the oh – so gratious and obedient beech. It’s a pity the match didn’t fit in the picture :P – it was too big! Hahaha...
Knight VooDoo Doll :>
production year: 2002

Knight VooDoo Doll :> Alright... I know he’s ugly... but I was bored.

It can be used on tournaments to manipulate the soldiers. All you have to do is hold one or two dark rituals and a wacky-looking bloke is yours :P

Please don’t laugh too loud at the clothes and armour. The puppet was created when I didn’t see anything wrong in using metal shield. And a pad-made - chainmail. I’ve the shield out of two cans of FAX beer :> the chainmail is from two zinced pads fi – 4mm. The sword is out of a sheet of metal. The knight is about 15cm tall.
Leather trunk
production year: 2002/2003

A leather trunk. The purpose is for you to choose, the one in the picture serves as a CD box. But maybe some day, someone would like a Hard Core lunch box or a stylish cosmetic bag. :P
Other stuff... for tickets and measures
production year: 2002

This round thing, it’s a case for a tailor – measurement, and the square thing, it’s something like a ticket-wallet. I remember my parents wearing one of those back in the 80’s.
Card case
production year: January 2006

Hurray! :D at last I have cards... but one has to carry them in something. Card-carrier arise.... and he arised. :)

So far, one of my neatest works ever. I’m especially proud of the seam. Small needle sewing. Burn-in patterns. It was still easy though.
Tough childhood
production year: 2005

Some people... seeing me, eating soup... say I had a rough childhood, I don’t know what’s that about :P I don’t see anything weird in it.
A flute case
production year: 2006

Need a case for your flute? :P I can make you one. It won’t chafe, or scratch, won’t get dirty too fast. And no one will put it in their mouth while you’re not there.... :P
Lucky Horseshoe
production year: 2006 (December)

When Gulliver returned from his travels, he brought, in the depths of the pocket of his jacket, two little animals – a diminutive sheep and a tiny horse. He took them as a proof that all the wonders he had seen were real and not only the creations of his mind [or a satire on his contemporary society – translator’s note ;)].

Gulliver liked his little horsie very much, even more than he did the evening coffee and cake. Because of this, he wanted to give his little friend horseshoes. Unfortunately, no blacksmith had an anvil and a hammer small enough to form horseshoes that would fit his Thumbelina of a horse.

Gulliver, being quite smart and with many supporters – as befits a ‘well-known’ traveller he was, turned for help to Snow White. She, knowing the 7 dwarfs, knew perfectly well what needed to be done.

The fourth dwarf, before he could make plaits of his beard, was an apprentice at the blacksmith’s. Because of his size he had tools of adequate proportions.

Within four days the fourth dwarf forged 4 tiny horseshoes and installed them on the, equally tiny, horse, as best as he could.

Gulliver’s happiness, shared with his tiny odd-toed friend, was not to last long. Azrael, the evil and cunning cat of Gargamel, saw the shining horseshoes with his acute eyes. He probably wanted to play with the shining objects but he must have also been quite hungry… Anyway, he caught the tiny horse and swallowed almost a whole after a short and happy (for one party at least) tormenting. Almost a whole, one quarter of a horse remained – a hoof with a horseshoe.

From that day Gulliver does not like Gargamel, to say the least. Azrael became a name resonating with negative connotations. The last horseshoe must have had some protective value (unlike the remaining three). And thus Farmer expands his offer ;)

All the Necessary Stuff for a Red Druid
production year: 2006 (December)

Of course, only the leather cover for the Swiss knife is my work. The set was to include all the Necessary Stuff so there is a small toolbox at the back of the cover.

Swiss knife length: 58mm
Casing: celidor
Softcase: veg. tan. leather

Swiss knife: Victorinox Mini Champ
  • Fingernail file
  • Meter (cm)
  • Screwdriver (slotted)
  • Fingernail cleaning tool
  • A blade
  • Long blade of the ‘Warncliff’ type with
  • A peeler
  • Long blade of the ‘Spearpoint’ type
  • Multitool
  • Scissors
  • Bolt
  • Bottle opener
  • Blade for removing insulation
  • Magnetic screwdriver (torx)
  • Toothpick/pincers (one of them)
  • Ballpen

    Leaher softcase equipment:
  • White thread
  • Black thread
  • Safety pin
  • Pin, just pin
  • Small needle for sewing soft materials together
  • Leatherworker needle - triangle-shaped
  • Spare button
  • Farmer’s blessing

  • [Damn, this Swiss knife seems to have everything except a kitchen sink – translator’s note]
    A Knife made of Leather - safe weapon
    production year: 2007 (February)
    Price: 40€

    Why would somebody want a leather knife? Why would I make such things is also a good question. Firstly, because I can. Secondly, because sometimes you may actually need a knife that does no (or little) harm. While training kung fu, I have had an opportunity to see rubber training knives in action. They were very flexible but wore off quickly and, in consequence, broke. They needed to be repaired with duct tape. Apart from this, the coating easily cracks and falls off in case of rubber knives and the material itself is hard to hold when your hand gets sweaty during training.

    This is why I offer, though at a price much higher (compared to the rubber junk), quality training knives made entirely out of leather. The reinforcing I used allows quite good thrusting and swinging. The knife is flexible enough that it could be bent freely without breaking. The edges are carefully skived, rounded and smoothened – to ensure full safety of the user, and of the ‘victim’ as well. The thick head of about 1 cm will definitely not pierce anything. ;)

    The blade is made of 3 thick pieces of leather sewn together – which makes total thickness of it amount to 12-14 mm. The handle has 5 layers of leather, plus two filling wedges – which amounts to 7 layers of leather in its thickest place. This is about 3 cm thick. I have used thick nylon thread for sewing the pieces of leather together. s you know, nylon is highly resistant to wear and stretching – and very durable because of this. It does not become loose when you use the piece. The entire knife has been made waterproof and smoothened – to prevent fraying.

    Possible uses:

  • self-defence trainings and tutorials
  • semi-contact sparrings employing weapons
  • training for defence against knives

  • Integrated pendrive case – Mustang
    production year: 2007 (may)

    There was, once upon a time yet not that long ago, a pendrive of non-standard design. The designers came up with a delightful and innovative idea of a moveable plug. This would, theoretically, protect the electronic elements inside against dust and physical damage. The moveable plug fulfilled its function as good as… well, I’m lost for words here – it was a stupid idea, to say the least.

    This is why a have made a case with a separate, standard plug. Everything is in “horselike’ style, with engravings representing diminutive horseshoes and a small decorative horsie.