Torso and arms should be measured in this way:

sugest to take all nedded measurements with clothes that you may wear under ordered product. In any doubt, just ask me.

  • 1. the girt of the neck.
  • 2. the girt of the chest
  • 3. the girt of the "belt" (after lunch).
  • 4. the girt of the under belt (under belly).
  • 5. the girt of the hips.
  • 6. the girt of the biceps.
  • 7. the girt of the widest place of forearm.
  • 8. the girt of the wrist.
  • 9. width of shoulders while arms along body (ask someone to take measure).
  • 10. lenght from armpit to belt.
  • 11. lenght of forearm from inner side (on bended arm).
  • 12. lenght of forearm from outer side (from wrist to elbow).
  • 13. lenght from under belt to hole betwen clavicle (colar bone).
  • 14. lenght from arm to elbow.
  • 15. the girt of thigh.

  • W. lenght from arm to arm while hands stright and in front together.